Hey guys! I’m William Draven an English businessman and part-time online fashion consultant. When it came to fashion and clothing, I started getting interested when I was young. Although we didn’t have a fashion designer in the family, my mother loved to make clothes for my father and we developed the wonderful habit of picking clothes, as a family. The passion grew in me and it eventually became an interest that I was going to pursue in England. This pursuit has led me to live in Malaysia and now I bring my expertise here.

This personal blog will serve as on online resource for interested readers that want to know more about my work. I will be posting the shows I’ve done, clothing I created (helped create), and give you insight in the world of men’s fashion. I will also sprinkle some articles that teach you about the basics and essentials of fashion as well as the freshest looks to up your wardrobe. Basically, I’ll be sharing with you all I know about fashion and I hope it will help you become more confident in your choices in your everyday life.

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